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Darkfield Microscopy can reveal and pin-point many underlying issues which are contributing to a current health challenge and although not diagnostic in itself, microscopy will highlight the factors compromising the ability to achieve balance and health. 

When you submit a Dried Blood Kit, through extensive analysis I am able to identify abnormalities in your blood. A Darkfield Microscope, most commonly used in forensics, has the ability to read your blood with 300 million times the magnification of a regular microscope. For example I can determine if there are toxic metals or parasites present as well as inflammation, nutritional deficiencies, and many things that are not commonly tested for in regular labrotaory blood tests.

The results of this test will offer you the nature of any health problem, as well as provide you with an overall picture of your health.  

For Nutritional Consulting and
Live or Dried Blood Microscopy 
please contact Laura Belg-Adams: 

Cell 917-449-1060. 
e-mail: office@laurabelg.com

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It's All In The Blood: What Microscopy Can Do For You

Nutritional Oversights And Solutions That Will Blow Your Mind! 

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  1. Shan Stratton
    Shan Stratton
    Nutritionist to the pros! Shan has consulted with US Military Special Forces, NY Yankees, US Olympic Teams, Boston Red Socks, Miami Heat, San Francisco Giants, Houston Rockets, LA Angles, Phoenix Suns, Saint Louis Cardinals, Miami Dolphins, Joe Gerardi, Kurt Warner, Maria Sharipova and many more. Shan's plethora of athletes have been guided by him during a 20 year history. He believes in living alkaline in an acidic world.
  2. Alexandria Brighton
    Alexandria Brighton
    Since entering the world of aromatherapy well over 20 years ago, Alexandria Brighton has emerged as one of the foremost authorities on this ancient healing art. In her capacity as an internationally recognized aromatherapist, blends for a variety of companies throughout the United States and Canada. Through her unwavering commitment to providing only the highest quality therapeutic grade formulator and educator of essential oils, she has formulated everything from medicinal to cosmetic essential oils, Alexandria has forged long-standing personal and professional relationships with some of the finest and most ethical distillers around the globe. She has traveled to places like India and the Himalayas in search of oils that will never see mass commercial markets due to their distillers' artistry and dedication to this ancient craft. Alexandria's relationships with medical aromatherapists and researchers around the world provide her with the most up-to-date information on both the use and safety of essential oils.
  3. Dr. Sue Wagner DVM, MS, DACVIM
    Dr. Sue Wagner DVM, MS, DACVIM
    Dr. Wagner has been featured on Good Morning America and the Today Show. Her works include, publishing The Book, Through a Dog's Ear to heading up the oncology department at the pristine MedVet. Being the direct descendent granddaughter of Nikola Tesla, the brilliance has been carried throughout the family. I am grateful and fortunate to be able to call Dr. Wagner one of my close personal friends for the last 10 years.
  4. Mardel NY, Inc.
    Mardel NY, Inc.
    Broadcasting and media.
  5. Co-Founder & Chief Product Officer SevenPoint2®
    Dr. Howard Cohn
    Dr. Howard Cohn started his partice in Los Angeles, California approximately 25 years ago. His daily mission in life is to alkalize the world and he is achieving it! I am so privileged to be working with such a brilliant human being!
  6. Nemenhah
  7. New Vision Media
    New Vision Media
    New Vision Media is a Columbus, Ohio based video production company serving the corporate, advertising and direct response industries nationwide. Serving networks such as ESPN and the Disney Channel.
  8. David Jones
    David Jones
    David has been performing M.A.T. (Muscle Activation Therapy) since 2003. David graduated as a student of Ohio University in June of 1986. David has helped hundreds of people over the years along with professional athletes to excel physically beyond their dreams!
  9. Pure Health and Wellness: Colon Hydrotherapy
    Pure Health and Wellness: Colon Hydrotherapy
    "I will personally sit down with each individual during their initial consultation in order to address their major issues and expectations. Although individual goals vary I plan to work with each client to get them back to good colorectal health." -Kristin Darfus