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If your sick and tired of being sick and tired and wanting to choose to LIVE rather than just EXIST then please contact me today. The answers are closer than you think

I am committed to helping educate and empower others toward regaining
health and balance. Not just to manage symptoms, but to achieve optimal
well-being and eliminate fears no matter how hopeless it may seem.
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What issues do I address looking at the blood?
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Cancer Prevention
Kidney Health
Heart Health
Heavy Metals
Thyroid Health
Adrenal Health
Nutritional Deficiencies
Chemical Toxicity
Colon Health
Virus Prevention
pH Balance
Blood Pressure
Parasite Prevention
Yeast Prevention
Bacteria Prevention
Overall Cellular Health
Allergy Prevention
Lymphatic System
Organ Health
Joint and Bone Health
Stress Disorders
Environmental Toxins
Immune System Health
Mineral Deficiencies
Liver Disease
​Lymes Disease
Lupus Prevention
And Much More
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How we work

A quick and easy finger prick provides a small drop of blood which is placed on two slides and covered for protection and viewing. This small amount is just right for magnifying your live blood cells. I will also be very thorough in covering lifestyle, environment, diet, medication and general lifestyle to determine your personalized protocol. No two people can be treated the same. We are all unique! I spend a great deal of time with each and every individual. I set up programs that are specific to YOUR needs.

Your blood sample can indicate issues related to:

pH Balance 
Cholesterol Levels 
Nutritional Deficiencies
Blood Pressure 
Hormone Deficiencies
Immune Deficiencies
Colon Disorders
Mineral Imbalances 
Candida / Parasites
Lymphatic Congestion
Organ Toxicity
Environmental Toxins
Heavy Metal Toxicity
and much more.
What your blood says about you:
Live Blood Microscopy looks at the quality of your blood, rather than certain aspects of your blood. The quality of the blood gives an indication of health at a cellular level. It gives you a chance to look at your own living blood, through a high-powered microscope where you may appreciate the true state of your health. 

We all know that quality materials make good quality products – well the quality of your blood is vital to making a good quality, healthy body ..... it is the key to life.

Live Blood Microscopy is different from traditional blood tests in that the blood is not stored, stained, or spun - the blood is viewed almost exactly as it is behaving inside your veins. With a consultation, there are two different ways to look at your blood:

1. Live Blood Analysis – is a blood sample that can be immediately viewed on a monitor with Laura. Your blood sample will show how you’ve been living, eating and thinking over the course of your entire life.

2. Dried Blood – is blood that has been left to dry for about 20 minutes. The results of this test will show further indication of cell activity.
What is Live Blood Microscopy?
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